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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Prediction for the Election of 2016

I saw a set of bumper stickers on a car that sums up the disgust many people have for the silliest of silly seasons in recent political history: Clinton/Sharpton 2016 and Trump/Springer 2016. Since I can’t bear to watch any more television news because of the ridiculous coverage of the campaigns, I will make my predictions (prophecies) about the outcome now and be done with it.

Here is what is going to happen;

-Hillary Clinton, the democrat, is going to be elected president. It does not matter who is running on either ticket; that is what is going to happen. All ideology, party platforms, and shenanigans aside, it is about the math. Both democrats and republicans have a rigid set of nonthinking people who will vote for the party’s choice no matter what. The fact is that there are more democrats than there are republicans. Maybe a few republicans who vow Never Trump will end up voting democrat and a few people who hate Hillary more than they love the democrat party will vote for Donald. Those numbers will cancel out each other by and large. The Bernie fans will, in the end, vote for Hillary because the thought of voting for Donald is impossible. The nonvoters, independents, or third party voters will cancel out each other as well. Sen./Secy Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States. Get used to the idea.

-The day Secy. Clinton is elected, the next election cycle will begin with all of its useless vicious rhetoric. Our government will remain in a Mexican standoff of dysfunction. This will be true unless the democrats win both houses of Congress, then real change will occur. During President Clinton’s eight years in office, it is likely that four new justices of the Supreme Court will be chosen, and the host of unfilled judicial offices in the country will be filled—all by left wing activists. That will show the republicans who would not even talk to the only moderate who could have been placed on the bench during the Obama years.

-No matter who gets in the presidency, the national debt will double in five years if the winner gets his or her way.

-The real issues the nation—We the People–face will get short shrift once the current political smog clears. Barring an overwhelming mandate in the election, gun issues, police v. ghetto dwellers issues, the economy, immigrant rights, environmental issues, the impossible and failing health care system, infrastructure problems, racial tensions, decisions about funding a two-front war military v. the present one-front war policy, the mountain of problems related to the U.S. educational system failures, and the skyrocketing national debt and the incredible interest payments the country has to make, will all be talked to death with no real intention to seek a real—and painful—solution to any of these and the many other genuine problems faced by the country.

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