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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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The Rise and Fall of the Fifteenth Caliphate is as much about the involvement of American forces in regime change as it is about the Islamic State terrorists, because the two are so intertwined. This is historical fiction that has several prologues to highlight the CIA and US military covert wars in the Banana Republics, Afghanistan, Syria, Viet Nam, and Iraq and spans the period between 1903 to the present. The narrative-in-chief concerns the ongoing wars which give a fictional look into the Rise and Fall of the Islamic State--the grandiosely named Caliphate which mainstream Muslims and even most jihadist organizations insists is neither Islamic nor a state. It is about good but flawed people in a fight against colossal evil, and flawed people in a fight against Americans perceived as Crusaders. It is a no holds barred, no quarter asked and none given struggle that--at its core--is existential for civilization. It is also a heart wrenching story of a passionate platonic love of an important agent and a courageous girl.