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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Dancing with the Devil is the second book in the trilogy, The Trojan Horse in the Belly of the Beast, by Carl Douglass. The determined senior officials of the Iranian government present their progress to the Supreme Leader who is highly displeased with the effort and the accomplishment. He urges them to create a nuclear weapon with promises and veiled threats. The members of the U.S. ultrasecret Iran Nuclear Weapons Interdiction Project meet to find a way—any way—to prevent the religious extremists from getting a bomb. The two opposing forces drive inexorably towards an ultimate crisis, and Dr. Afsoon Mouradipour and Dr. Gideon Emmanuel Rothsberger are caught in the vortex of the whirlwind created by the two polar opposite forces converging on them. Despite the obstacles and the improbability of success, Afsoon agrees to become the Trojan Horse; and Gideon falls in love.